08 January 2012

eating in...what i'll be cooking in january

i love cooking and i love recipe books. i have a lot of them but i'm not very good at actually using them... i've also had a bit of a quiet patch on the cooking front lately... so, i've decided to introduce some parameters for january's cooking to make me use them and to get back into cooking. this month, i will only cook things from my christmas gifts...

* river cottage veg everyday!
* jamie's great britain
* plenty by yotam ottolenghi

as you can see there is likely to be a greater focus on vegetables, which is no bad thing. 

actually jamie's great britain isn't really mine, it was a gift from me to P but i really bought it for us and unfortunately it was too heavy for him to take back to america with him. oh dear. 

i feel a touch anxious about the yotam ottolenghi book (thank you for the gift my lovely friend E) because i've always been slightly intimidated by the number of ingredients in his recipes in guardian weekend. however, i've looked through it and i think everything will be ok. i just need to remember to breath deeply and not panic. i'm especially looking forward to savoy cabbage and parmesan soup.

i must confess that i'm also adding in january's delicious magazine and waitrose kitchen because i've only just got them and it would be daft to waste them.

i'll keep you posted on what i get up to.

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