20 January 2012

eating in...my january challenge: an early report

my cooking challenge seems to be going fairly well, as well as it can be when i seem to be out most nights of the week. i have cooked three recipes from january's cookery books this week, however i have totally failed to take photos of what i've made. but who wants to spend time photographing food rather than eating it?!

* roasted squash and shallots with merguez chickpeas from river cottage veg everyday - me and C had it last monday for tea and i had leftovers for lunch in the week, that's my kind of cooking

* spicy moroccan carrot salad from plenty - it certainly was spicy as i mistakenly used all of the spices for only have the carrots in the recipe...you'd think i was some kind of amateur...it was still lovely

* caponata from river cottage - this was perfect to use up the two bags of frozen roast aubergine in the freezer...or so i thought until the roasted aubergine defrosted only to find the aubergine had turned into sweet potato and courgette. fancy that. my kitchen isn't usually so calamitous, really it isn't

i've next got my eye on savoy cabbage and parmesan soup from plenty.

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