29 January 2012

eating in...my january challenge: mushroom ragout with soft polenta

so, my january challenge is continuing. the main challenge is being in to cook things from my three books as i've been out gallivanting a lot recently. anyway, here's something i made the other day...it's river cottage veg everyday's mushroom ragout with soft polenta. you'll find it in the comfort food and feasts section, and very accurately named that section is as it was very comforting and felt like a bit of a feast. the polenta was delicious and very easy, a surprise as i've been putting off using it for reasons that are now beyond me. i'll be making it - this recipe and polenta - again.

and yes i am back to photographing food again...a bit weird but is pretty helpful when blogging about cooking and eating. i need to do a bit more work on lighting. i've read that it's best to photograph food in natural light. it's a bit tricky to do this on a winter's evening but i'll try my hardest in future.

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