02 January 2012

christmas...our lovely christmas at home

better late than never...our christmas...me and him...just the two of us...

mum made me and my brother listen to this album (on this same record player) every year as children so i don't see why p should escape this aural delight

the house around the corner...they REALLY like christmas

our tree...with our new great britain (i admit we did have to double check) rusty decoration from re

one of the gifts for my dad...

...with these homemade bird seed treats hidden inside

breakfast...smoked salmon and potato rosti...and yes, flat leaf parsley at breakfast...what's the world coming to?

starter...twice-baked stilton, walnut and watercress souffle

main...roast partridge, stuffing balls, potato and black pepper cakes, bread sauce and sprouts (it looked, and tasted, much better in real life)

pudding...chocolate and salted caramel 'brulee' (i burnt my finger making the salted caramel, ouch) but at least we managed to fit it in this year

all gone! but no room for cheese and biscuits (for cheese) for the second year running

i wonder when the expiry date is for posts about christmas...it's probably gone, out of date and all furry like the brie. i'd probably go far if i wasn't such a grand master at faffing and procrastination.

ps sorry about the terrible photos - the iphone camera used to be good before the ios5 update...

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