13 August 2011

off on my travels...what i get up to on the plane

reading...how to be a woman by caitlin moran, a delightful, deliciously hilarious book about feminism that makes me laugh (almost outloud) every half page or so with her stories of growing up and being a woman. stories of periods, absence of desire in pornography, pubic hair, all the things we don't talk about, that are strangely political. she is the same age as me so her reference points from her youth are the same, which make it even better. i love her useful check - are men doing this? - and her story about what she calls her breasts just after giving birth makes me cry with laughter. i think the american's next to me must think i'm a bit odd.

listening to...the vaccines on my massive, bright-red headphones complete with a red cable, which makes me happy, being pleasantly surprised by BA's good mix of tunes (last time in february it was the xx). i'm sure the vaccines are totally unoriginal but i don't care, it's fun and loud and fast. mainly loud because the headphones are so great i can only have the volume on one notch without feeling it is too loud, fearing for the safety of my ear drums.

warming...my minature bottle of red (tempranillo this time) between my knees ready for my tea - does anyone else do this?!

marvelling...as i do every time i fly at the beauty of the clouds beneath us...some wispy streaks of vapour, barely visible; others are cotton wool balls of fluff in clumps, in rows; others whole blankets of white (cotton wool pleats? if we're continuing the cotton wool theme). looking out of the window half way there at a mass of blue, realising we must be crossing the ocean, and somewhere where the sky is so empty my eyes can't focus on anything leaving a haze of pale blue.

realising...how amazing physics and aviation is as we're flying at 11582 metres (38,000 feet) at 822kph (513mph) with an outside temperature of -57C, something that feels impossible but it's real, if hard to comprehend, and the miles left to travel on the screen click down like seconds.

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