13 August 2011

off on my travels...a hot sticky delay

so here i am on the plane, on the ground, all delayed, waiting to take off to jet me across the world to see my boyfriend, P in the north east of america.  it seems pleasing to be travelling from the north east of england to another north east.

it's so hot we could be in an oven. this is not helping people's mood. the americans are getting tetchy. i don't think they've discovered the technique of breathing deeply and relaxing, slowing everything down, rather than wafting and fidgiting, creating nervous energy.

the heat didn't help with the overhead luggage saga - trying to fit too-big bags into too-small lockers doesn't work, except perhaps to illustrate people's lack of spatial awareness. i'm worried that hysteria is settling in. i have a feeling it will be a long flight...

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