14 August 2011

off on my travels...in america, again

for someone who never, ever had the slightest inclination to visit america, i've been here a lot, and i think this august trip is the fifth time now in two years. i blame my boyfriend, P, who is working in cape cod at the moment. he's a scientist doing important research to help us understand climate change. it means that, for the time being, to be able to see each other we both have to travel a lot - me to a place i never really wanted to go and him home to newcastle.

every time i come, i have lots of thoughts about what i see in this country that speaks english but is so very different to the uk. difference is good - diversity is a positive thing in our world. and some of the differences are good and some i don't like so much.  this time, i've decided to blog about them via a new blog series called 'in america'...how exciting.

do i need to say that this will be just my experiences of a teeny, tiny part of this huge country so won't be a true, representative reflection of the country and its people and that i'm writing from a place of stereotypes and prejudices, like anyone. do i need to say it? maybe.

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  1. Hi Stephanie, thanks for your comment and entering my little giveaway - good luck & bonne chance.

    As for your experiences/views of the US only being a tiny part and possibly prejudiced: well, one could argue that any blog post or diary entry is like that because we all just draw from personal experience. So, nothing to worry about I'd say ;-)

    Have a lovely evening, Love from (grey and rainy) London xo