23 August 2011

getting crafty...vintage button magnets

P's brother and his girlfriend invited me to contribute some crafty items to their studio space as part of hampshire open studios. outside of their day jobs they are both photographers and have set up a studio, purbeck cottage studio, to show their work and provide space for visiting artists.

i was thrilled to take part (even though i may be breaking the rules as i'm not a hampshire based artist) and have risen to the challenge with some vintage button magnets and vintage map garlands (a big vintage theme going on, clearly).

i'm really pleased with the button magnets. i used the buttons i've been collecting for years (some from my grandma, from my mum, from tins of buttons at car boot sales) from my button jar, which is an ancient pickled onion jar (don't worry, there's no lingering smell!) and some of those fancy neodymium super-strong magnets.

i've tried hard with the packaging too and have used some vintage matchbox labels featuring indian gentlemen, which i think look rather fetching. what do you think?

 i'll upload a post about the garlands in the next day or two.

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