08 October 2010

home sweet home...poorly sick at home

Well this is unexpected, a day off work feeling all rubbish and sorry for myself.  It's lucky I've got my get better soon tray sorted out, which features teapot of tea, my favourite orange mug, milk in grandma's jug and magazines.  We've got Living etc and Elle decoration to marvel at, frankly impossible, interiors, super cool, full of mid 20th century furniture, all the pieces you've ever dreamt of, plus Vogue to transport me to a place of fantasy, especially useful when bundled up in pyjamas.  I think an article on 21 ways to evening chic is especially useful on a day when I haven't even washed my hair.

The weather is awful today so it's maybe a good thing to be stuck inside feeling sorry for myself.  It's what the Scottish would call dreich - grey, a bit foggy, with a touch of drizzle thrown in for good measure.  I wonder where Newcastle's so-called Indian summer is...?

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