15 May 2011

out in the garden...a proud parent

a few weeks ago i took delivery of some teeny tiny plants from the kind folks, gwen and ian, at riverford organics. here's a terrible photo of them...

and then what happened?! we had sun, sun and more sun, very uncharacteristic for my part of the world, a veritable rainforest-worth of growth, as you can see...

charlotte potatoes...peaking through the soil

courgettes...before they get mahassive
(planted two to a pot to keep them down a little)
the little plastic bee is keeping an eye on them, not sure it will work

pak choi (giant variety, clearly) and spinach
hiding in the background

red cabbage...how beautiful is the leaf?

red lettuce...i don't think i'll need to buy lettuce again

kohl rabi (not sure...) and beetroot (yum!)

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