08 January 2011

a spot of culture...detroit in ruins

for anyone who didn't get the observer on sunday 2 january, i heartily recommend perusing the photos and accompanying article of two french chaps called yves marchand and romain meffre who have snapped their way around the ruins of detroit. 

who knew a major american city could be so run down, full of abandonment, full of decay, dust and fragmentation...a library with books still in it; a police station with crime records strewn all over the floor (maybe you don't have data protection over there...?!); a theatre that will never see its curtain rise again; a huge grand station just empty, no more trains, no more waiting; a school with plastic human model in bits on the floor, reflecting the human lives in bits in the city.

why is it like this?  why have things been just abandoned?  why is there no value attached to these buildings, to these things? 

it feels like such an incredible waste.

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