01 January 2011

home sweet home...a soft day at home

Here is a soft (read: blurry) photo of my tree. It is very late, I know, as it is after Christmas but in that slightly soft (read: blurry) day that is 1 January, it is still making me feel all happy and warm inside.

Last night was a lovely, warm-hearted night at E's house for a low-key Mexican-themed evening for just five of us.  The food and company were delightful, the perfect antidote to the ridiculous over hyped-ness of new year.  It even featured a few rounds of Guitar Hero, what more could you want?

Christmas has been wonderful - spending the day with my boyfriend, P, opening parcels and eating all day.  P was surprisingly strict about parcel opening, which meant we didn't finish opening our gifts to each other until 21.30!  Our menu was perfect for us - mushrooms on eggy bread for breakfast then baked Camembert and warm bread for starter around 14.00 and then roast duck (mmm), roast potatoes and parsnips in the duck fat (double mmmm) and veg at around 20.00.  We didn't even get around to our pudding (mulled wine plums with mascarpone cream) or cheese and biscuits!

Our tour of the families and the UK (well, Yorkshire and Birmingham) has left us with some wonderful and very generous gifts plus some incredibly smelly Stilton that is over-taking the fridge despite being imprisoned within foil and a tupperware container.  It must be eaten soon!

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