19 September 2010

out and about...great north run and meeting up with an old friend

I trekked out to South Shields today to meet M, my best friend from school, who was running the Great North Run with her boyfriend.  I haven't seen her for the longest time (we're both rubbish at keeping in touch) so it was wonderful to catch up.  I don't know why but I didn't factor in the logistics of 50,000 runners, assorted families and general race watchers moving about the Metro, consequently the train was heaving on the way out of Newcastle to the coast and it appeared to take about four hours for the queue snaking along South Shield's main street to die down.  
Now, Newcastle and the north east has its far share of bad weather and good weather but I have a sneaking suspicion that it holds onto the bad weather for visitors to the region not wanting to attract any more people here to add to the traffic on the roads, to affect people's quality of life, to make it all busy busy like in the south, and today was no exception.  It can't have made it that pleasant to run in though...!  Or wait about, huddled under space blankets.

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