13 September 2010

eating in...a thai green curry

Monday...a fresh and light Thai green curry for tea, all zingy and tongue-tingly.  I must confess it isn't completely homemade but is made using the best curry paste I've come across, all natural, nothing fake.  I tried chicken thighs in it this time, which worked OK, but have concluded that thighs work better in heavier curries.  I don't think fiery ginger beer is a typical, authentic accompaniment but it was certainly yummy.

It did make me hanker after Nigel Slater's wonderful version in Appetite, called A hot, fragrant, lively curry, and I agree with Nigel that it is 'as good as eating gets'.  Mr Slater is a constant inspiration, with a no-fuss attitude to food, celebrating food in all its sensuous, exciting, lip-licking, comforting glory.  As you can see, I've also taken on board his relaxed nature to photograph, a bit messy, not too precious, not that I would ever claim that my photos are as good as the photos in his cookery books...

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