28 November 2011

off on my travels...taking the high line

new york's high line was my very favourite part of the trip...it's a public park that has been built on a freight rail line 30 feet above the streets. it starts in the meatpacking district with its former working buildings all gritty and industrial and strides across the streets and under buildings of west chelsea to west 34 street between 10th and 11th avenue. here are some photos...

the standard hotel straddling the high line

chelsea market public art

(my favourite photo of the empire state...)

i think this will be part of the planned new section


  1. I adore the highline! your pics make me want to go back now... and that pic of the empire state reflected in the window? very jealous of that shot! :)

  2. thanks so much for your positive comments! i was so amazed to see the empire state building reflections...although i've got a bit of a thing about reflections at the moment so it was lucky i was looking out for them.

    thanks again, stephanie x