04 September 2011

out in the (neighbour's) garden...scrumping blackberries and apples

last week i went scrumping for apples and blackberries in my neighbour's garden, and got quite a haul - a jumper full of apples and a yellow bowl full of blackberries

which has turned into apple and blackberry puree from nigel slater's real fast puddings, yum. the photo doesn't look that exciting but it did taste delicious and was a perfect topping to my cereal last week with yogurt.

it's not as bad as it sounds - my upstairs neighbour's garden is behind mine - there's no fence, it's extremely overgrown and the upstairs tenants never use it so i might as well have the fruit than it go to waste, simply to make the wasps drunk on the sugar!

there's many more apples on the tree so there'll be plenty of appley food stuffs in the coming weeks. there's also some red ones waiting to ripen so an apple and blackberry crumble may be in order.

today (sunday 4 september) i had another raiding trip resulting in another bowl of blackberries, and about 20 apples. i gave some to a friend in an impromptu produce exchange (i came off best i think with rainbow chard, swede, green beans, yellow courgettes, broad beans); i'll take some to work; and will cook up the rest tomorrow evening. fab.

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